money thinker: why people use blog?.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Why do people use blog?. What you could think about this?. Some people said that they use blog to get more friends while some said that they want to earn more money. For me there are a number of reasons why do people use blog. The first reason that i could think is that the people use blog as a medium to express their feeling and also to voice out their thought or opinions. They feel more comfortable expressing their feeling on blog rather than writing or telling the other people in real world. You can publish your information easily via blog without having to write on paper and spending money to book it. You also can search for the information from the other blogs while the others do the same on your blog. You search from others while sharing yours.This is the good thing right?.

Besides people also create blog because they want to earn some money via internet.this is true because you can earn money easily through blog. You just need to know some simple knowledge on how to make money using blog. You can get the information easily from the internet. My experience from searching and visiting blogs proved that most people use blog to make money. Blog owners earned money through advertisements that published on their blog. There are lots of advertiser available now but the most popular among them are Google Adsense , AdBrite and Bidvertiser. You can find more about these advertisers on their homepages.
People also use blog to promote their stuff like Ebook and digital goods. Some of them also post the information about their service on blog. This is a brilliant idea to promote goods or services because you don't need to spend any money at all for your promotion. Moreover blog has become the popular site for people around the world. So you have more chance to get your customers. The people who tend to make money without spending at all will grab this opportunity immediately .

Blog also the good spot to discuss the latest news that happen in the community. Some blog talks about the politics while some talks about soccer and so on. Some group of people feel more comfortable to discuss the sensitive issues like politics and so forth on blogs because they don't have to facing each other while discussing. So the impact they got if their thought goes wrong is lesser rather than in real world. Actually all of the topics have their own attraction that attract the followers or guests to participate in the discussions. During the surfing, i found that certain blogs have their own loyal followers to discuss whatever topic post on the blogs. They were enjoying themselves while discussing the topics they like. That's the reason why people so addicted with blog. These are the reasons that i could think but i believed that there still many reason why the blog is so popular nowadays.

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