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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

people talks about money , money , money . do you know how to make money online?.let i explain to you how to make money online. basically there are various ways in making money online.but here i just want to highlight the most simple way to make money on internet.the first thing you must do before make your making money dream become real is to set up a site or blog.the easiest money making site to set up is blog like blogger or wordpress plus it is you don't need to spend bucks making start from zero spending!!!.so fun right.then the next step put a little effort to customizing your blog so that the visitor feel more interested to visit your money making make your blog live , you have to post an interesting topic that relevant to your money making can post topics like how to make money online,money making tips,secret of an internet millionaire and so forth.

The most important element that ensure you to make money online is putting some advertisement on your can put your own ads or publish ads from other site.for a beginner i would suggest you to be a publisher for the site.there are many site that offer this service like google , adbrite , widgetbucks and many more.the google adsense is the most popular ads among choose this and your money making chance will be brighter.actually there is no fee required when joining these program.all you have to do is to sign up and implant the code on your you have to optimize your blog so that the traffics will flow to your blog.the more traffics you have the more money you can make.

Post you blog everywhere and let the people know about your cant make any money if no one know your blog .to do this you can simply join blogs community like and mybloglog.actually this is the best way to flow traffic into your active in this community.remember more traffic more money.besides you can submit your blog to search engines like google , yahoo and MSN.this surely boost your ranking.the higher ranking the more money you can make because visitors tend to visit the higher rank site.for now you have an idea on how to make money lets get started and do your best with your money making blog.i stop here for now. please wait for the next coming topic. thanks

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